RAY Lighting have been on a journey of health innovation. Our mission since we began has been to provide a wide range of products that benefit your health and wellbeing by ensuring our lights are EyeKind, with BlueBalance®️ Technology and Full Spectrum detail, meaning stunning colour and texture with a CRI of 97+.

Investing in lighting that is so close to natural sunlight can actually help your body and, in turn, your mind. Improving your circadian rhythm, reducing headaches and the possibility of myopia, aiding your gut micro bacteria and keeping your cells healthy with increased red light.

SHOAL has all of RAY’s technology in the smallest form factor to date. Named for its shallow depth, shoal is an ideal light source for use in shallow recess or restricted installation spaces; cabinetry, wardrobes, shelving and low void areas.

Measuring just 11mm deep with a diameter of 68.5mm, SHOAL is the slimmest Full Spectrum COB downlight in the world.

Part of the RAY Lighting DYNAMIC family of products, SHOAL is a fundamental tool in the lighting designers tool box, enabling the complete uniformed design of Full Colour Spectrum, Healthy, EyeKind, fully dimmable LED lighting schemes using one specific consistent LED chip.

97+ CRI
Full Colour Spectrum
BlueBalance®️ healthy LED light source
Fully Dimmable
High CBCP ratio
Low lumen loss Solerus lens technology
15, 25, 38 and 60 degree beam options
Recessed or Surface mount

RAY Lighting. Feel Different.

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