TIA 40 is our new minimalist rigid linear fixture and the first product to showcase our brand-new, powerful 20W ‘A-line’ LED strip specifically designed to achieve market leading lumen efficacy whilst maintaining a desirable, fully diffused lighting aesthetic.

Developed in-house by KKDC Korea to meet the requirement of a prestigious retail client in 2021 to produce seamless lighting integration into their bespoke stone shelving details, TIA 40 is suitable for many interior lighting applications where true end to end linear lighting is desired to create a continuous line. The IP40 housing has a compact form factor of W40mm x H28mm with custom lengths available.

Surface mounted via strong magnetic fixing plates for ease of installation and constructed from tough anodized aluminium, the TIA 40 housing is precision engineered with a diffused polycarbonate cover that is uniquely folded to form the fully diffused ‘infinity end caps’ – This special feature enables lengths to be placed end to end without any visible shadow or seam lines.

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