Imagine developing the lighting scheme for a 6-star Hotel with 350 rooms, 13 unique F&B areas, 3 gaming facilities, a luxurious Spa, outdoor and indoor recreational facilities and 80 private apartments, collaborating with designers located all over the world and having construction running through a global pandemic.

This is Crown Towers Sydney. Through the challenges came a result that is a spectacular resort which quickly became a benchmark in the Hospitality sector worldwide.

Crown Towers Sydney has been a project like no other. Besides the extended scope of work, we had the luck to collaborate with international design firms like Wilkinson Eyre, Meyer Davis, Bates Smart, Blainey North and Studio PCH to name a few. This was a remarkable experience for our designers because gave them the opportunity to work in close contact with a lot of creative minds in a very short period of time.

Considering the revolving shape of the building one of the biggest challenges has been that there was no typical space to document including the 350 odd guestrooms. A well-structured plan of actions and organisation helped us to keep track of all the design development throughout to completion.

Another interesting aspect was that due to the pandemic we have been eyes and ears for a lot of the design firms that weren’t able to visit the site during construction.

Lastly, commissioning of the entire building was carried out in a very short time due to delays in construction and delivery times extended due to the pandemic.

The overall ID theme of polished finishes and sparkly reflections is very well complemented by our lighting scheme. Each and every one of the luxurious materials used in this project reaches its visual potential by the use of well-designed lighting solutions.

All the decorative fittings are bespoke. Each and every one of them has been designed and developed by our team in close collaboration with the ID to achieve their vision.

Conscious of the impact of artificial lighting on the human body we have used warm dimming throughout the project. This gave us the opportunity to tweak the lighting scenes throughout the day and create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the evening.

This project will be part of our legacy and a testament to how lighting can enhance a space.

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