The Isa Bar is located in the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid building, on the mezzanine of the most emblematic historical-architectural landmark of Madrid. The Isa Bar stands out from the beginning and wants to be undoubtedly noticed for its own independent identity.

Its essence is reflected by the interior design of the space delicately created by the interior design studio Avroko. It is a perfect blend, an explosive and eclectic mix, composed of the Madrid essence of the early 20’s and the delicate and enveloping Asian nuances.

We fall in love with its wide chromatic ranges, textures and sinuous shapes, all of them slightly illuminated to create an intimate and seductive space. Isa Bar wants to be a mysterious space where the customer travels around discovering the different spaces.

The light helps us to guide the client but at the same time creates a refined and seductive atmosphere in which one cannot resist having a sophisticated cocktail. The space is distributed from the central bar, one of the crown jewels that shines and radiates light in all directions, to the heart of the restaurant: the wonderful Red Room located in the characteristic and emblematic rounded corner of the Canalejas building.

The technical light composes a warm and soft cloud that guides the user through all the spaces that perfectly live together with the delicate and unique decorative lamps located all along the space. All the elements coexist harmoniously creating contrasts of shadows and light carefully designed with different intensities to play with the natural light that flows through the massive windows of the restaurant.

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