The compact range features 4 fixed and adjustable, single and 2-tone finish downlights, with a remarkable size to output ratio and tight 12° narrow beam (as of January 2022). They include:

LD780 | Fixed, single finish downlight

LD782 | Fixed, 2-tone finish downlight

LD790 | Adjustable, single finish downlight

LD792 | Adjustable, 2-tone finish downlight

Adjustable versions have a tilt of up to 30° and allow ultimate flexibility when focusing the product down onto architectural details such as columns.

Delivering an incredible 420+ lumens, these recessed downlights feature bezel diameters of just 46mm (fixed) to 60mm (adjustable) with an overall body depth of 60mm, making them very powerful for their size.

From a choice of two light engines, several medium beams are also available alongside a 12° narrow, as well as many colour temperatures options between 2200K-5000K, matching with other LightGraphix wall lights, uplights and surface mounted products, for complete beam and colour consistency throughout a project.

The single optic and LED is deep recessed 26mm into the body, ensuring ultra-low glare with a UGR reading of 11.5 on adjustable fittings, which also include inner anti-glare baffles, all whilst maintaining superior beam shape and no multiple shadows.

The discreet 1.2mm thick aluminium bezels can be painted in any RAL colour, including the inner anti-glare baffle on 2-tone options.

Compact downlights are part of our replaceable light engine scheme, though impressively, their LED lifetime figure guarantees an unrivalled L90B5 @ 90,000 hours, demonstrating excellent thermal management and efficiency from a very small fitting. Our RLE scheme which has been integrated into many of our top selling products for the last decade, means that should an LED fail, the engine can be easily accessed, replaced and upgraded with the latest technology to give the existing fitting a new lease of life.

These versatile downlights are rated IP65 making them ideal for interior, light exterior and marine applications, thus providing all the necessary options for achieving a uniform and circular design scheme in a multitude of applications.

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