Great British minds have joined forces to bring the ‘SPA by Tryka’ product suite to market; a portfolio curated with the manufacturing expertise of Tryka.

This exceptional recent award-winning range has everything to fulfil the lighting needs of even the most challenging hospitality environments. Cutting-edge technology combines with infinitely customised variants and form factors.

Launched in the form of three core products, a 50mm light engine or dedicated downlight luminaires in SPA50 and SPA70 form factors – these products have been designed with the latest generation of LED COB technology. This ensures high performance, maximum efficacy and the highest standards of quality illumination, with a natural sunlight spectrum delivering >90 across all 15 R values.

To add to the collection, further concepts have recently been unrevealed which include floor lamps and pendants to demonstrate the custom abilities of the range which can be adapted for a plethora of applications.

Different control options can also be teamed with the SPA solutions, including Triac, 1-10V and DALI dimming.

With a choice between fixed and adjustable luminaires, a variety of fixed beam angles or digital beam shaping which allows 10° through to 60° beam angles from a single light-source via your control system, and a range of sizes and aesthetics, the perfect light can be guaranteed for each individual project.

The wellness benefits of the range including:

· Emulation of natural light supports the circadian rhythm
· Reduction in eye fatigue
· Improves overall visual comfort
· Reveals true depth of colours and textures as they appear in nature
· Enhances mood throughout the day by supporting greater sleep and visual comfort

Design principles of SPA, at a glance:

· Modular: common engines; modular build; adjustable to customer needs; easy installation, maintainable
· Connected: Smart building; digital beam shaping; wired or wireless app control
· Synchronised: Material finishes; optical options; lumen performance; common components
· Competent: Regulatory compliance; sustainable manufacturing; technically excellent; wellbeing leadership

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