Miniature, Powerful, Adaptable. Say hello to the smallest luminaire ever created.

With a head diameter of 12mm and body length of 20mm, the Vorsa Dot is not just the smallest on the market, it is also the most powerful and versatile luminaire ideal for ever changing displays.

Each miniature fitting boasts a gallery quality CRI of 97 with an output of 65 lumens. Vorsa Dot comes in both a Flood for wider general lighting and a Spot for precise accenting. 45 different optics and snoot combinations allow the light to be tailored precisely to any requirement.

The slimline track allows for both recessed and surface mounted applications. Our patent-pending dynamic dimming system delivers two independently controllable channels on the same track. This unique innovation allows each luminaire to be individually dimmed simply by changing the direction in which it sits on the track.

All components within the system have been meticulously designed in-house at John Cullen Lighting and precision engineered in the UK.

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