The Flexi Grazer 3D is the newest addition to LEDFlex’s popular Flexi Grazer family. Taking wall grazing to a new realm, its dual bend feature enables the solution to homogenously illuminate curved surfaces and pillars without any excessive light spillage. This ensures a commitment to minimal light pollution, as well as comfort and wellbeing for users. Encapsulated in high-grade silicone, the Flexi Grazer 3D is available in two stylish body colours; black and white. With a choice of beam angle of 30°, 45° and 60°, a solution to suit all applications can be selected.

Currently available in single colour temperatures ranging from 2400K-6000K, the Flexi Grazer 3D can be customised for bespoke projects on request.

Rated IP67, Flexi Grazer 3D has been proven to withstand even the most arduous of conditions. Adding to its impressive durability, the solutions in the range are resistant to flame, UV, saltwater and solvent. This makes Flexi Grazer 3D a safe choice in a wide range of challenging external environments.

Operating temperatures of -25°C to 50°C further add to the robustness of the luminaire. With a lifetime of >50000 hours, Flexi Grazer 3D offers longevity, and a CRI of 80.00 ensures high light quality.

Flexi Grazer 3D is the ultimate solution to achieving a flawless wall washing effect.

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