‘Interludis Cromàtics’ represents individual identity, equality, difference and our ability to intervene in the environment with positive values, through light and colour.

The set consists of 6 pieces of 85 x 85 transparent methacrylate, framed by a thin aluminium profile. In each piece, the dichroic filters placed in perpendicular ways, represent us as individuals and are perceived as interferences that vary according to the viewer’s position. Around each piece, a changing and diffuse background light becomes a symbol of the social environment that inevitably surrounds and conditions us.

In this chromatic game of relations, we as individuals have the ability to make an influence by our mere presence, linear and fixed, leaving a subtle trace of colour in our environment, as an interference in life itself.

The pieces including a single element, or a single interference, represent individuality in relation to the environment. On the other hand, the pieces including interferences in pairs, emerge in different colours, generating an imprint in a ‘same colour’ environment. This duality through different chromatic compositions expresses the value of difference among people, and at the same time, it reveals that our reality is in the end, the same.

Moreover, the variation of the background colour symbolizes our ability to transform the environment around us. In this way, the internal tone from each piece is perceived differently every time, depending on the contrast generated together with its surrounding space, as the interferences’ colours change according to the viewer’s position.

Dimensions (each piece): 85 x 85 cm.
Materials: Transparent methacrylate, aluminium, dichroic filters, colour filters, LEDs.

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