On the outskirts of Moscow, close to a nature reserve, lies a new high-end residential development called Nebo Residential Complex. The landscaping around these high-rise buildings is inspired by, and emulates, the artwork of the famous Russian artist Kasimir Malevich.

As a result the landscape is dominated by clear set shapes and granite borders. These harsh geometric forms are enhanced by light, re-enforcing the linear lines of light and circular geometric forms at night. Integrated hidden luminaires are key to create this visual effect, without any glare or disturbance from the light fittings, and no direct upward light into the night sky.

Low level integrated light details in benches and planters provide the majority of the decorative and functional landscape lighting. Circular forms are enhanced by ground recessed luminaires that wash the vertical surfaces softly.

The abstractness of the light is humanised by the use of a warm colour temperature that softens the appearance and creates welcoming human centric spaces. Various gazebos across the landscape are illuminated from hidden light sources and provide the residents with the opportunity to come together, interact and form a community. Light levels were kept as low and warm as possible, to create as little disturbance to the surrounding wildlife of the nearby nature reserve.

Outdoor sports and play areas have their dedicated lighting with strictly downward facing lights and light beam cut-offs to avoid spill light to other areas of the landscape and into the sky. The lights are controlled by the user, who will only switch them on when light is needed, saving energy and reducing sky glow.

LAPD also provided some illumination to the façades at night at high and low level. This creates a visual frame and identity to the towers, used in the early evening hours and switched off later in the evening.

The surrounding roads leading in to the complex and the car parks are illuminated with rectilinear LED columns that sympathise with the geometric form of the towers.

The ground floor areas and the building base combine both retail and residential uses. All lighting is strictly controlled at night with pre-set dimming times in the evening and switch off times during the night to reduce skyglow and the disturbance of wildlife.

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