Abby Lighting company culture revolves around creativity, innovation and constant research to develop new products – all of which influenced the design of their new office.

The spaces within the office identify the different sections of the work environment and efficiently merge the concept of smart-lighting solutions and sustainability.

This project won the Casambi awards 2019-2020 among the three shortlisted projects.

Visitors of varied professional backgrounds such as Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers and Project Management companies with unique project/product requirements get catered under one roof. Hence, Abby required a state-of-the-art experience centre for their clientele.

The use of Casambi controls in the entire project has allowed in creating different scenes, lighting levels and colours.

For example, the coffee point doubles up as a party zone with the incorporation of BlueTooth controlled colour changing settings in the Cadambi App is used in the Abby office for an evening party.

This feature is used extensively by Abby’s hospitality consumers to set different moods in their respective projects.

Sensor-based tuneable lighting coupled with Casambi helped adjust the lighting requirements of users and spaces and layering of lights.

The presence of an occupancy sensor allows the possibility of circadian lighting that helps maximize the occupant well-being and minimizes the CO2 footprint.

Cost-saving of 36% was observed, compared to a conventional lighting system.

The low cost of wiring and a system that adapts to pre-existing wiring conditions justifies the decision of using Casambi very attractive at an ROI at less than two years.

The lighting design is in a way that is easy to adapt to individual needs and accentuate zones and work areas. A balance between direct and indirect light sources and a balance between daylight and artificial lighting is one of the key features of the planning process.

Areas like the entry, the meeting points where usually spontaneous talks or short meetings are held, are illuminated with “Studio Abby” architectural luminaires that are visually attractive, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Since the building is glazed from all three sides, a daylight harvesting mechanism is used. The sensors adapt to the lighting levels based on the daylight. The open plan workstations provide individual task lighting allowing adjustment to personal needs and preferences apart from the ambient lighting that persists throughout the open areas.

The office also has an extended outdoor work/ discussion deck illuminated with outdoor range lighting from Abby and a small section for the display of the same.

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