Eight years ago, we launched the Focus Compact. At the time, the smallest DMX controlled zoom fixture available. In our strive for the best lighting solutions, we didn’t stop innovating. The result is the Focus Micro. The most compact, but fully equipped zoom fixture available.

Standing upright, the Focus micro is only 48mm to 66mm high. With a diameter of 16mm, the Focus Micro is about the size of an AA battery. The design makes the Focus Micro virtually invisible and unobtrusive, without compromising on functionality.

Some of the key features are a Track system that offers easy locking, high quality LED light sources with a Colour Rendering Index of 95 and a choice of four different colour temperatures. The fixture is dimmable via 1-10v, Mains, DMX512 or Casambi Bluetooth.

The Focus Micro series is available as a surface mounted and a track mounted version. In combination with the specifications mentioned earlier, the series is especially well suited for use in museums and galleries. The 6-90 degree zoom makes the illumination of objects very precise and sharp. The colours of objects will look very natural, thanks to the choice between different colour temperature LED’s with an extremely good Colour Rendering Index (CRI>95).

The design of the Focus Micro is modern and sleek, ensuring a perfect blend with all types of applications. Whether in a contemporary museum or in a classical environment, the fixture will not distract from the art it illuminates. Because of the power usage of just 1 watt, the generated heat is kept to a minimum for safe use in display cases with delicate historical artefacts or priceless art.

Focus Micro. The Art of Lighting

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