The Workers Monument is a tribute to all involved in the construction of EXPO 2020 Dubai. Their names are engraved on cylindrical columns, in total over 200,000 names are engraved on 38 columns.

The columns represent the different lunar cycles from new moon to full moon (particularly during eclipse). This becomes clear through the illumination of the columns.

It was decided that the lighting approach should be minimalistic so as not to detract from the splendour of the architectural design. Therefore each cylindrical column is up lit by small custom curved linear recessed strips, which give even illumination to each column with minimal glare through diffusion.

The colour temperature of the LED chosen is 3000Kelvin which enhances the warm stone finish as well as coordinating with site perimeter lighting.

Each of the fixtures was DALI Controlled to a pre-set lighting level via the EXPO site wide lighting control system

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