SmartCore from amBX is a smart lighting software platform that integrates with sensors, devices and systems to create smart buildings. The interoperable solution uses the latest intelligent technology to deliver a system that dramatically reduces the time and cost of setting up and commissioning smart lighting. SmartCore removes the need for complex rules-based programming and enables changes to be made in real-time.

SmartCore controls the colour, intensity, and location of every light in every individually controlled space or room. A dynamic engine at the heart of the system continuously manages the required light settings for each space which are then adjusted by real-time data from sensors, other control commands, or third-party systems such as BMS. Data from these sources is converged into one easy to use dashboard which allows Facility/Building Managers to gain valuable insights about their building.

It offers a wealth of benefits, including dynamic scheduling. SmartCore’s dynamic scheduling capability manages lighting experiences that change over time, in response to sensor data such as presence detection, and according to building needs. Furthermore, precise, and dynamic control in every single space means that advanced lighting applications such as spectrum-controlled Circadian Lighting can easily be managed by SmartCore. Whatever the setting, SmartCore delivers the optimum human-centric lighting experience.

As well as providing software intelligence for a building, it includes an advanced range of tools to allow building managers and operators to monitor and adjust the system. It also supports various end-user controls, from simple switches to specialist user interfaces. To utilise the set up and commissioning process, SmartCore includes a commissioning tool to set up a whole new building, as well as the latest addition to the system, the floorplan design tool.

To aid compliance with regulations, SmartCore’s emergency lighting module aims to simplify the traditional process, by working with smart emergency lighting to provide status feedback, testing, scheduling, and reporting to deliver cost savings.

SmartCore can be fully integrated with systems such as BMS and BAS, thanks to its RESTful software API and BACnet interface. All key operational data is accessible for use in analytics such as space and energy utilisation. As an IP-based system, SmartCore also supports a wide range of IP protocols. This enables the system to be used with a wide range of lighting protocols such as DALI, DMX & Artnet, CoAp/PoE, Wireless & Bluetooth. New protocols and device types can be easily added making the system future-proofed.

The system has been designed with flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind. It is available for inclusion in 3rd party systems as well as individual projects. Pricing is determined by the size of the project, so you only pay for what you need.

Sustainability was also a strong consideration in its development. Its advanced control offers maximum energy efficiency; SmartCore can integrate with virtual and physical sensors for daylight saving and occupancy awareness. This ensures that electricity waste is minimised.

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