Whitegoods recently introduced a range of products that utilizes and enhances the basic SM20LDL-surface mounted 20 Linear downlight. This name of this new range is 20+.

Developed to give designers the freedom to work with light in an instinctive way, the 20 Linear range includes a family of profiles utilizing the small form factor and high-performance linear LED technology to keep focus on the surrounding architecture.

20+ is a new group of profiles and accessories designed to expand the capabilities of the existing 20 Linear range with the mounting and performance characteristics outlined below:

20 Perimeter: 1” wide extruded aluminum profile that recesses into the ceiling at the wall to provide lighting effects from a perimeter glow to a full graze. This modular system consists of a housing that can be provided in any length, shipped from stock and compatible with every ceiling type. The 20 Linear light fixture is also produced to length (.25” increments) and easily wires and snaps into the housing for a seamless perimeter lighting system.

The 20 Perimeter is available with flush or regressed optics for maximum performance while minimizing brightness.

Narrow grazing optics: this grazing lens snaps into the 20 Linear to deliver a clean 25-degree beam for grazing effects and is designed to be used with the 20 Perimeter in the regressed position, or together with the SM20LDL in an architectural niche.

Louver: a 45 degree cut-off louver can be snapped onto the 20Linear to provide a clean 45 degree beam while eliminating glare from the source. It can be used in the 20 Perimeter or as an accessory to the SM20LDL to achieve glare-free performance.

20+ enhances and expands the capabilities of the original 20 Linear range to allow for precise customization and increased functionality of lighting applications.

Luminaires by Whitegoods blend perfectly with architectural surfaces to create integrated lighting schemes with one unified style and maximum efficiency of design. Inter-lux manufactures the Whitegoods brand of products, which address the need for minimalist lighting tools that are easy to specify, install and maintain.

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