The client is a football lover and it has always been difficult for him and his friends to rent a football court in Hong Kong. Several indoor football courts have thus sprung from this demand and they are mostly situated in old industrial buildings which provide the large column-free space they need. However, these spaces are usually pretty basic and are always preoccupied by football classes for kids, hence not easy to book as well. After all the hassle that the client has experienced, he decided to purchase a 500sqm factory unit and would like it to turn it into his own cool and stylish mini-football court.The court is accompanied by facilities such as showers, bathrooms, as well as a multi-purpose club amenity room.

The design adopts a dark general atmosphere with lights highlighting the ceiling and the peripheral meshes. The ceiling lights are more distinct and eye-catching while the surrounding lights are more diffused and atmospheric. The ceiling was painted black and was highlighted with LED strip lights forming vault-like structures within each ceiling void. The gently arched strip light aims to lift the perceived height of each ceiling void and to compensate for the low headroom created by the deep ceiling beams of the space. The lights also help draw attention above the soft black mesh which is crucial in protecting the sprinkler, AC and audio systems. Strong stainless steel metal meshes have to be provided along the surroundings in order to protect the windows and the audience sitting in the corridor. Along the audience side, there is a double layered metal mesh wall where wall-washer lights are being put in between to light it up. Along the window side of the court, a single layer of metal mesh is being put against a stainless steel reflective metal panel. Wall-washer lights are being put in between to help light up the mesh and be reflected by the black stainless steel panel. There is a goal on each of the shorter sides of the court and the surrounding LED strip will light up whenever a football hits the goal.

The bathroom also adopts the same strategy where black stone was chosen as the wall finish to provide a general dark atmosphere with diffused LED lights coming from the feature mirror cabinet. Unlike the football court where it looks more cool and stylish, the bathroom aims for a warmer and more luxurious atmosphere.

Lastly, there is a club amenity room which includes a small pantry and a large TV for enjoying football matches. People can also enjoy the football match going inside the court through the glass partition. In order to make the club amenity room more comfortable and cosy for users, wood elements and spot lights with warmer colour have been adopted.

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