Heritage structure inside a world renown temple in the city of Guruvayoor, is a symbol of rich culture and artisanship that is exhibited through the intricately detailed wood structure. Koothambalam or Performance hall is a structure inside the temple complex and is at least a century old. Lighting concept was to highlight the exquisite carpentry detailing and visually modelling the form. Lighting was to subtly reflect the spiritual aura of the space by discreetly enabling the structure to take the visual centre stage. All the light fixtures have been concealed effectively within the structure.

The Koothambalam consists of centre aisle, performance altar and side aisles. The lighting composition comprises structural highlight, Ambient lighting, Event lighting and Stage lighting. The structural highlight comprises of ceiling, columns, Altar and peripheral wall. Soft linear uplights incorporated within the wooden beams accentuates the carving and unique visual array that brings out visual order. There are 4 tiers of ornamented beams and their lighting accent brings out the spatial volume. The carved parapet has a concealed linear lighting that provides an elegant wash on the floor by providing both peripheral lighting and underscores the wooden lattice work. The outer side of the peripheral columns have spots that are well hidden from direct view, highlighting them and are also visible from exterior. The four primary columns on the center aisle are captured by the narrow spots with elliptical beam lens mounted from the top beam and cross aimed. This way the light fixtures are not visible to plain sight. All the fixtures that come from the top beam for highlight are hidden on the beam above the entry as visitors always face the altar and this beam is not visible in that angle. The roof of the altar is illuminated by two medium beam spots. Top ceiling has similar intricate work and is lit up by two wide beam fixtures from the same top beam. The ceiling of the altar has both carving and sculpture that are highlighted by concealed linear LED strips. Ambient lighting is provided by wide beam fixtures mounted on the top beam that can be turned on during special ceremonies or performances for the centre aisle. Inside the performance altar, two narrow beam spots with glare shield highlights the performer.

Exterior lighting comprises of plinth highlight that also captures the ornament in front of the slats reinforces the visual rhythm. The narrow spot illumination of interior peripheral column is visible from outside and forms a composition along with the outer shell highlight. The top copper roof is framed by medium beam fixtures mounted on adjacent structure and aimed.

Lighting for this heritage structure exemplifies the objective of revealing the form, volume and material characterisation of the space.

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