The biophilic light chandeliers are situated in the Park Pavilion De Hoge Veluwe, the largest nature reserve in The Netherlands. The pavilion is a boomerang shaped building, with high vaulted ceilings, that houses a restaurant, shop, congress rooms and a reception area. A key point of departure for the architects and lighting designers was that the entire building must form an integral part of the landscape and the park experience.

An important part of the pendant design has been to bring the natural light and shadows as perceived in the forest into the building, thus enjoying a little longer the soothing feeling of nature.

A shadow play of gentle wind through tree leaves is simulated by nine chandeliers, supported by bird songs that echo in the space. This is an example of biophilic design, which reinforces contact between people and nature by incorporating elements of nature into the built environment.

To realize the perfect shadows and to create a shape that feels natural in the space, a total amount of seven prototypes were made before the final result was achieved. The ultimate design turned out to be a Pringle-like metal-cut pendant that has a mixture of patterns of leaves, small birds and animals.

Each pendant includes twenty individual light sources that are fully dimmable. Video footage of light and shadows is used as a base for the algorithm that controls each light fixture, thus creating a natural feeling of movement like wind through tree leaves.

The lighting gives a subtle and natural vibe to the space without being too present.

Come and visit the pavilion and search for the hidden shadows of birds and squirrels in the foliage on the ceiling.

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