Seeking to complement the volume of this iconic tower transformation, the lighting design for this soaring ground floor lobby emphasizes the ethereal, pensive quality of the space while honouring the simple, classic forms and materials. Mindful of concealing all specified light sources, surfaces and edges appear to radiate light, with no distractions to compromise the visitors’ experience. The dynamism of the space is translated throughout the day via a tunable white programmed control system. A suspended 24-ton blue-marble sphere art installation in the lobby center is lit, giving the illusion of a piece of sky brought down to ground level.


Image 1: In deference to the lobby’s original iconic postmodern design, a new material palette and layers of integrated linear lighting address the volume while creating a human-scale distinction.

Image 2: Indirect linear uplights above bronze mesh panels accentuate the lobby volume, drawing one’s eye to the indirectly lit preserved oculus and vaulted ceiling. Concealed linear lighting with focused beam optics and warm color temperatures graze the mesh texture to provide a visual datum.

Image 3: The amount of natural light that penetrates the space from north and south was fundamental in the approach to artificial lighting. Tunable white light and programmable lighting controls regulate colour and amount of artificial light to complement the natural daylight that fills the space, resulting in dynamic experiences throughout the day unique to each visitor.

Image 4: Layered lighting integrated within architectural details frame exterior views and emphasize material transitions, while drawing people into and through these transitional spaces. Manufacturers worked closely with the design team to meet installation challenges presented with long continuous linear LED runs and limited existing access space for remote power supplies and control equipment.

Image 5: Full scale mockups helped determine appropriate color temperature and beam spreads based on the chosen materials, while ensuring proper code illumination without the use of any recessed fixtures. Lighting controls were also evaluated to pre-determine appropriate light levels and tunable white color temperature range throughout the day and evening hours.

Image 6: The only adjustable lighting within the lobby is aimed to highlight the 24-ton spherical art installation suspended within the space. Spotlights discretely concealed inside corner corbels highlight the sphere while also achieving necessary code-required egress readings. As iconic as this space had been, the architectural renovations and lighting design within this lobby have succeeded in reimagining this office tower as a unique and inspiring 21st century icon.

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