Form factors constantly miniaturize as the “less is more” approach increases in market demand. Ensure a quiet ceiling with low or no profile sources—all without compromising Quality of Light.

Introducing eldoLED’s 48V DC 32W LED Track driver. Flicker-safe, deep-dimming (0.1%) capabilities at your fingertips. It’s the signature eldoLED performance you know and love—just in smaller form.

Our 48V DC 32W LED track driver’s unparalleled performance and features make your Stucchi MULTISYSTEM and MULTISYSTEM EVO luminaire stand out as a best in class choice for lighting applications.

Industry Compliance Across The Board

PWM dimming methods cause flicker and/or flicker-related behaviour. Our 32W is the only LED track driver that successfully meets the following industry requirements:
• Flicker Performance (IEEE1789)
• EMI Compliance (FCC Class B)
• UL Recognition

Deep-Dimming (0.1%) Amidst Form Factor Constraints

It’s common for LED track drivers to dim between 1-10%. However, eye perception levels enable us to see light as brighter than it really is. So a driver that dims to 1% is perceived as dimming to 10%.

Our 48V DC 32W LED track driver is the only driver that delivers on the Quality of Light with deep dimming capabilities (0.1%) to an eye perception level of 1%—all while remaining flicker-safe.

Interoperate With Ease

Most track drivers have interoperability issues at installation. Our 32W LED track driver is DALI-2 certified—ensuring the most efficient installations and interoperability with other DALI-2 DT6 and DALI-2 DT8 devices.

Flexible Dynamic And Tunable White Capabilities

As members of the lighting community, we’re always on the search for lighting-enabled technology that provides an intelligent, colour-aware Human-Centric Lighting experience. Due to form factor constraints, LED track drivers only have single colour temperatures available.

Our 48V DC 32W is the only LED track driver on the market that provides dynamic and tuneable white lighting with our signature LightShape technology. Empowering you to create any colour temperature and brightness you please.

Largest Track Drive Output Current Range

Our 48V DC 32W LED track driver has the widest programmable output current range of 150-1050mA compared to other track drivers. This provides more lighting versatility compared to competitors’ 600 or less mA output differential.

Designed For Ease Of Manufacturing

Our 48V DC 32W LED track drivers are designed to be installed without added connectors or soldering wires. Our unique contacts make press-in connections with the Stucchi track adapter and the LED outputs wire to the driver via IDC connectors.

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