The Radiant 3D LED Flex 40 WE System IP 20 is a development of the award-winning modular and 3D flexible linear lighting system, which now incorporates miniaturised Water Effect components to create gently changing decorative lit effects for indirect lighting applications.

This system is the smallest yet in the Radiant Water Effect range. As the system is modular it can be used either in a linear format for use as an indirect cove lighting system, or as single modules as a series of individual luminaires.

Each module incorporates an 8 LED light engine, one or two low voltage 4 channel DMX drivers and a textured glass panel optic.

The patented articulated ball-joint system joining the 100mm heat-sink modules allows the system to bend and twist in 3 dimensions on-site, allowing it to follow complex curved building profiles, making it ideal for illuminating domes, columns, and any other curved architectural features. Adjustable-angle brackets allow for the lit effect to be aimed once installed.

The decorative, dynamic lit-effects are achieved with a combination of light engines incorporating an matrix of various colour temperatures and colour LEDs, complex multi-channel DMX controlled dimming sequences, and textured glass panels.

Customised lit effects can be achieved by adjusting the DMX controlled dimming sequences, the combination and configuration of the various LEDs and the type of textured glass panel used.

The system provides up to 3,000 lumens per mtr, depending on the mix of LED colours and colour temperatures and the textured glass used. The lumen output varies during the dimming control sequence.

As the Dynamic Water Effect does not rely on any moving parts, the system has a long working life of up to 100,000 hours, as the LEDs are not run at full output for most of the dimming sequence.

Customisable anti-glare accessories and mounting bracketry can be specified to meet project requirements.

Radiant’s range of Water Effect lighting systems was originally developed over 10 years ago with lighting designers ÅF Lighting for a project in Sweden and now includes a variety of product types and formats for both interior and exterior lighting applications.

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