The 3D LED Flex 200 System IP66 has been developed for use in a wide variety of large-scale exterior architectural lighting projects requiring wall-grazing and wall-wash lighting where the building surfaces are non-linear with curved profiles and facades.

The patented articulated friction ball-joint system joining the heat-sink modules allows the system to bend and twist in three dimensions. This flexibility allows the system to follow complex curved building profiles – perfect for lighting columns or domes or any other curved architectural features. The system is hand bendable on-site and each module can be individually locked in position using an Allen key, if required.

The latest and largest addition to the range, the 3D LED Flex 200 can be run at up to 125 Watts per Mtr, providing up to 11,000 Lumens per Mtr when using 3000K 80CRI white-light LEDs.

Each 200mm long module comprises of 3 x arrays of 4 x Luxeon-CZ LEDs with highly efficient Gaggione colour-blending lenses. The Gaggione lens system includes ultra-narrow 2-degree beam and elliptical beam options, allowing highly controlled lighting effects to be achieved.

The custom light engines can be specified in any combination of RGBW, RGBA or white light LED options, allowing lighting designers to create effective dynamic lit effects.

The system incorporates a separate dimming channel and a wide range of dimming options are available including 1-10V, DMX and DALI.

Integral line voltage drivers are housed within the modules, allowing long lengths of the system to be powered from a single power feed.

A digital thermal control system is used in high ambient conditions to keep the LEDs working at an optimum temperature.
An adjustable angle bracket allows the modules to be rotated on-site by hand so that the lit effect can be aimed precisely.
Anti-glare snoots with louvre blades provide excellent glare control.

Either Low iron UV block glass covers or hard coated UV stable polycarbonate windows can be specified depending on the application area. For projects with high levels of sunlight and sand abrasion the glass windows should be used and for areas subject to vandalism the polycarbonate windows are more suitable.

The system has no visible fixings and is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The system is available in custom lengths based on a 200mm module up to 2 mtrs.

Satin black, satin white or any RAL paint colour finish can be specified.

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