The 35 from ARIA offers design possibilities beyond just illumination. With linear and buildable parts, it is a communicative element, suited both for residential, commercial projects but can also be turned into an art installation in its own right.

The three-segment 35mm core allows the 35 system to be symmetrical and homogenous one moment and asymmetric and targeted the next.
Imagination comes to light.

The 35 system has three different types of light: indirect diffused uplight, direct diffused downlight, and accent lighting.

The 3-segment linear light offers white or coloured light, static or dynamic. The spotlight Nanoperfetto 35 is a miniaturized adjustable spotlight for accent lighting (fixed or on track), featuring minimal design, low glare, symmetric and asymmetric optics.

Using these modular elements, the 35 system can be configured to shape the light as required, with flexibility in form and function. The option of opal or smoked diffuser is unique in that the smoked effect leaves the light fitting completely dark when switched off.

35 is dynamic and was envisaged as pixel controlled from the start and so It can be supplied in RGBW, DMX or SPI controllable linear lengths with individual pixel control lengthways and 360°. This allows specification of dynamic features as a light feature or as part of the architectural version of the product.

The segments of the 35 system can have individual control of the 120° and spotlights, offering tailor-made control.

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