The initial brainstorm session for this project was together with Tzach Cohen Light Design and Nir Ran Design. The restaurant, featuring many natural elements both in materials and shapes, was in need of a centerpiece for its bar area that would elevate the ambience. Tzach Cohen approached us with a basic sketch as a starting point; a lighting installation resembling a tree. It quickly became clear that the solution was a one-of-a-kind custom piece.

The project presented a unique challenge. One of the lighting fixtures would function as centerpiece and needed to be custom designed to be in perfect harmony with the ambiance of the upscale dining establishment.

For the custom lighting piece we drew inspiration from the Palms Family, an existing collection of Aqua Creations. Our Project Manager Yuval Levi, was able to transform the sketch into a professional technical drawing.

After the technical drawings were approved our artisans started welding the metal frame, after which the wiring is implemented. Lastly, the organza fabric and silk are hand-pleated onto the structure. Our ability to take an initial idea and turn it into a polished and well-executed design is a reflection of our team’s expertise and attention to detail.

The result is a harmonious play of light and colour. The custom 18 Palms lighting fixture functions like a canopy and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests throughout their dining experience.

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