Intos lighting concept was to provide a theatrical and layered lighting scheme within the venue which comprises of a restaurant, bar, PDR and deli across the atrium. The lighting was to enhance the space both throughout the day and progressing into the night, to compliment the function of each space whilst creating intimacy within each area of the site. The illumination within the venue was key to highlight the plush and refined finishes of the various materials used for the interior design, illuminate and enhance the abundance of planting within the space whilst a series of bespoke fittings were to be designed to provide ambient illumination along with key focal points throughout. The control of the lighting was to be a careful consideration within the design to ensure smooth and low-level dimming within the various scenes throughout the venues opening hours.

Intos lighting concept was based around the use of LED accent light sources, this was a first for the D&D London group who to date had never been satisfied with any LED fixtures or light sources Into had proposed to them for use on previous projects and had chosen to keep using halogen. D&D had specific requirements for light quality and warm of light with minimal glare. All accent lighting on 14 Hills was based around high CRI 2400K LED sources with colour correction filters, honeycomb louvres and anti-glare snoots fitted. All linear LED profiles were super warm 2200K. Into integrated low glare concealed lighting within the planting through with additional lighting to planting from above to ensure light cast onto all planting from all directions. All proposed lighting treatments were mocked up for client review and approval in a blacked out mock up studio at Intos London offices. A dining table was fully set with all table dressings, food, wine, Neoz table lamp and accent lighting from above and concealed ambient lighting surrounding. The client experience the lighting concept real time with lighting scenes dimmed to replicate dusk to late evening.

The client feels Into have achieved a dramatic, sophisticated and layered lighting scheme within the venue with the lighting to be both be key focal points but also subtly integrated where possible to highlight the finishes, provide functional lighting to the dining tables and to highlight the foliage which takes centre stage. The control and design of the scheme allows the venue to have a different ambiance from day to night transforming the venue throughout.

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