135 King Street is an excellent example of a successful building repositioning project located on a pivotal East-West CBD axis at the threshold that defines the commercial and retail precincts.

Among others, three hero elements contributed to the impact of 135 King Street, highlighting the internal sandstone through wall grazing lighting of the lift core and adjacent lift lobby sandstone. These elements serve as a focusing point within the buildings lobby.

The bespoke chandeliers suspended within the space act as crowning jewels, adding a touch of luxury and visual interest, which enhance the ambience and create a memorable experience for occupants and visitors.

Additionally, the external façade lighting contributes a crucial role in enhancing the presence of this premium lobby at night. The façade lighting adds to its visibility and presence along King St by strategically illuminating the building’s exterior.

Overall, the combination of these three hero elements—interior sandstone features, bespoke chandeliers, and external façade lighting—has played a significant role in the success of the 135 King Street building repositioning project. The project’s attention to detail and carefully considered lighting have resulted in a visually stunning and highly functional space.

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