In the northeast of Taiwan, the Guanyin district of Taoyuan stands as a testament to relentless winds. This region’s coastal plateau, constantly swept by strong gusts, naturally lends itself to the development of wind power. This characteristic has birthed a line of majestic wind turbines along the Guanyin coast, where the striking white blades against the azure sky inadvertently craft an elegant and distinctive spatial imagery.

Among these turbines stands ‘Winds Whisper,’ a wind-powered kinetic art installation comprising 45 individual units of optical lenses arranged into a vertical structure. These lens units harness the power of the wind, rotating and reflecting the natural light changes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of the wind’s dance through the interplay of light. Augmenting this visual display are embedded LED lights within the units, accentuating the shifts in wind intensity. The LEDs dynamically adjust their brightness in sync with the wind’s strength, intensifying as the wind grows stronger. Remarkably, ‘Winds Whisper’ achieves this without the aid of additional mechanical or electrical equipment, showcasing the harmonious fusion of ‘art’ and ‘nature’ through eco-friendly and low-carbon creative methods.

This artistic marvel not only adorns Guanyin’s cityscape but also symbolically intertwines its past and future. In the past, the steadfast turbines along the shore dutifully powered the daily lives of many. Looking ahead, ‘Winds Whisper’ embodies a sincere blessing for the city, carrying the aspirations of its inhabitants. It continues to spin the winds of progress, charting a course for the city’s development towards a vast and magnificent future. Simultaneously, it champions the creation of a wind-powered, environmentally friendly landscape, embracing green energy and fostering a low-carbon environment.

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