Onyx Triangular Exterior Downlight with Tunable White Technology

Prisma is a sophisticated exterior lighting solution that seamlessly combines form and function, offering a visually stunning and dynamic experience. Crafted with precision, this downlight serves not only as a source of illumination but as a work of art that transforms spaces into captivating environments.

The triangular design of the downlight introduces a geometric elegance, adding a touch of modernity to any setting. Its sleek lines and sharp angles create a visually intriguing element, making it a versatile choice for a range of architectural styles. Available in various dimensions, 300mm, 200mm and 100mm, the triangular onyx downlight provides designers and architects with the flexibility to tailor their lighting compositions to suit the unique characteristics of different spaces.

What sets this downlight apart is its material composition. Constructed from onyx, a translucent and mesmerizing stone, the fixture takes on a luxurious and ethereal quality. Onyx possesses inherent variations in color and veining, ensuring that each downlight is a unique piece of art. When illuminated, the onyx comes to life, emitting a warm and inviting glow that gently permeates through its surface. With the ability to have many finishing colors, Prisma sets to have a unique look and feel.

Adding to its allure is the tunable white technology embedded within the downlight. This innovative feature allows users to adjust the color temperature of the light, offering a range from warm, amber hues to cool, daylight tones.

Prisma stands as a shining example of innovation and versatility in lighting design. Its triangular form, coupled with the dual-sided IP65 rating, positions it as a durable and reliable choice for both interior and exterior applications. As an aesthetically pleasing fixture with unparalleled protection, Prisma opens up a world of creative possibilities, making it the perfect choice for those who seek a lighting solution that combines style, durability, and adaptability.

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