Drawing inspiration from natural forms, Geoff’s practice is focused on combining new technology with traditional techniques. The ability of a piece to elicit satisfaction on a number of levels is central to his design philosophy of aesthetically engaging everyday functionality.

Dwindling resources, unsustainable and unscrupulous practices have led Geoff to consider the provenance of materials he uses. Using a rethink, reuse, reduce approach he aims to design timeless pieces incorporating reclaimed materials.

Hand crafting practices blend seamlessly with 3D modelling processes to create pieces that acknowledge the past whilst looking to the future. The resulting objects are hand-finished and assembled ensuring quality and artistic integrity.

The Sepiida Floor Lamp was created after a series of form finding prototypes with the use of reclaimed timber and minor species timber endemic to Tasmania as a driver. The form is loosely based on the structure of a cuttlefish bone, hence the name Sepiida; the scientific order of the cuttlefish. The form, process and materials were influenced by concurrent exploration of timber surfboard making techniques. Use of a low wattage LED light source allows the user to determine the output and create the mood.

When designing for the future, digital fabrication allows for waste minimisation. Grooves are CNC machined into the timber and laminated into the curved form utilising an adapted coopering technique. From there, hand tools are used to refine the shape. A low emission finish is applied to highlight the grain and natural beauty of the materials. The two structural elements of the Sepiida Floor Lamp are easily separated for maintenance. Once separated, each piece can be sanded and refinished to ensure longevity of the design is achievable.

Reclaiming and reimagining this precious resource, a minimum intervention approach to design and manufacture the Sepiida Floor Lamp shows us that timber is timeless.

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