Temporary landscape installation which brings the scaffolding system structure with plants, is an additional space created for responding to the scenario of the next 10 years together with the newly developing needs and strengthening the existing courtyard life in a physical way. The vertical garden was created with plants which were repotted into reused wooden pallets and placed on each level of scaffolding easily with forklifts. In response to adaptability, a detachable and recyclable scaffolding system, planned as a main structure that minimizes the trace on the territory. The form was emphasized with the selection of upcycling additional materials. Solid fabric which brings the tower form to the fore and steel fabric for bringing transparent sunlights reflections. With the new facade created in the project, three different spaces occurred. The performance stage was placed at the end of the mass, in the center of the entire courtyard. Micro spaces were created in the center of the mass with two towers for local and global brands to collaborate on short-term programs. The other end of the mass was functionalized as an F&B point with a permanent (within the temporary process) program. These three spaces were highlighted in the facade section, clearly defining their own volume and making them visible from every point in the courtyard.

The structure, which is planned as a more peaceful landscape placement during the day, turns into a performance stage in the evening with the lighting fixtures. Various lighting scenarios have been written from a meditative layout to a live stage by addressing the RGB LED fixtures which are placed in a scaffolding section above each plant. The towers are separate from the boxes with cladding material, height, and a different evolving lighting scenario. Beside the performance-oriented scenarios, the lighting concept was creating a structure that mimicked the “breathing” of a living organism with very slow flashing and wavy light motion.

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