Located in Gading Serpong, an emerging satellite city in Tangerang, Banten, the hotel interior design is inspired by two local cultures rooted in Tangerang, Baduy and Peranakan. Baduy culture, the local tribe who lives in Banten and Peranakan culture that grew through marriages between the native locality and new settlers who came with their heritage.

This project massively caters to the needs for MICE-related activities. The project has 8 meeting rooms, 1 main ballroom, an exhibition hall, 2 mini ballrooms, 1 multifunction room, 2 private dining rooms.

We work closely with HBA Indonesia as interior designer to create lighting design scheme that would complement the interior design throughout all spaces. We were involved from the very beginning of the project from concept through the completion and final setting-up stages on site.

The lighting needed to respond to the interior design and enhance the focal points of interest, whilst being inviting and conveying a warm and welcoming ambience. By utilising ceiling coves, well integrated concealed lighting into furnitures and interior elements, we were able to add interest and focus to particular elements of the interior, with supplementary downlighting to highlight artwork, tables and points of interaction, such as the check in desks and food counter.

Warm white, dimmable, 2700K LED fixtures were specified and installed throughout. To reduce energy and maintenance costs, a lighting control system was installed to give the flexibility required for the lighting to adapt to suit the hotel’s needs throughout the day. The control system installed includes an astronomical time clock that automatically sets the lighting scenes to allow for a smooth transition between day and night for all open space areas. There are control plates within each enclosed room, i.e. Ballroom, Meeting Rooms, Private Dining Rooms, to allow for further control of the lighting should the staff wish to change the lighting scene, or raise/lower the light levels.

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