Located in Sanlitun, Beijing. Sheng Yong Xing is a creative restaurant with Jinglu cuisine. It is characterized by roast duck, and the dishes are more fat and mellow.

The designer chose materials with a relatively calm and dignified temperament, such as wood, gray walls, yarn, and linen, so that the light can be diffused and reflected. The light is mainly in warm tones, which is very friendly to people’s emotions. The illuminance of the public space in the corridor is basically 1:3, and the brightness is low. Private rooms, display areas, and entrances use higher illuminance to bring more obvious effects, highlight key points, distinguish primary and secondary, and increase the sense of layering of light.

In the restaurant interior space, the traffic flow includes dining flow and service flow. The dining flow is aimed at the guests, and the service flow is aimed at the restaurant service personnel. For the service flow line, try to avoid being directly and emphatically illuminated (for example, do not walk into or appear in some emphatically illuminated areas for a long time: art display lighting, dining area lighting, etc.); To the extent that it is “neglected”, the colour temperature of the lighting should be consistent with that of the dining area, so as to avoid attracting the attention of guests and destroying the lighting atmosphere of the restaurant due to inappropriate brightness and color temperature. For the guests, because the lighting has the function of reminding and guiding, it is necessary to consider the lighting design of several important areas on the dining flow line of the restaurant.

In the entrance area, there must be high local space lighting, and at the same time, there can be lighting assistance for signs and signs; in the aisle area, the lighting brightness should be reduced to a comfortable brightness ratio level, and a relatively high brightness uniformity is required (personally think it should be ≥0.4) , so that guests can get a stable feeling when using the aisle area; the dining area should have high local space brightness, and the lighting brightness should be increased to a comfortable brightness ratio level, so that guests can get a clear feeling of enclosure; the toilet , the lighting brightness is increased to a comfortable brightness ratio level to ensure that guests will not fall into unnecessary embarrassing situations due to excessive or low brightness in some areas.

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