“That doesn’t look very new?”

The form might look familiar, but this is a 2022 reincarnation.

MR7 was first produced way back in 1999 to accept a 12V MR16 lamp. Its robustness, lockability and on board potentiometer saw it transform museum and gallery spaces for over 15 years. It is now being remanufactured under our ReNew service.

What has always been for us a point of pride more than a revenue generator is the ability and willingness to repair old equipment. ReNew was set up to formalise the increased interest in repair or upgrade requirements. What has become a dependable trickle of requests is expected to become a steady flow in 2023.

The example photographed is from a Grade 1 listed museum & gallery founded in 1882. There are hundreds of MR7 fittings high above precious artwork and exhibition spaces that were delivered in the autumn of 2010. Reusing as many of the same components as possible, this MR7 can now accept the latest in LED, optical and control technology with a 95 CRI COB and variety of beam angles from 13.9º to 51.7º. The delivered output is a match yet the power consumption saving is 78% per fitting.

Always designing with longevity and maintenance in mind is finally being appreciated more broadly for the virtue that it is. Supported by our 25 year duty of care pledge, we are delighted that significant projects in meaningful numbers are starting to happen.

This is the Circular Economy in action.

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