TETRO has invited the artist Guillaume Marmin to create a new installation that transcends the architecture of the basilique Saint-Vincent listed as a historic monument in Metz. Inspired by its columns, stained glass windows and Gothic style with a classical facade, the artist created the 1.3 SECONDE light installation to illuminate the heart of the basilica.

1.3 SECONDE is the time it takes light to travel between the Earth and the Moon at a speed of 300,000 km/s. This is the pulse – the driving heartbeat of the installation set up at the centre of the Basilique Saint-Vincent.

1.3 SECONDE is a physical exploration of the links between light, time and space. An immersive device equipped with 250 projectors shines beams across the 50-meter nave to plunge visitors into light and sound compositions that sculpt the building’s spaces and play on the limits of our perception.

Peripheral lighting from 4-metre-high LED columns underscores the site’s architectural details to reveal the pylons, organ, arches and vaults.

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