Barman, and musician Baby-C linked Europe and Taiwan, the past and the present through music. They specialized on integrating classical music, jazz, and modern times together. A mesmerizing concert will be held in February night next year for everyone.

This Concert “Trinity Rich Huang & Yannick Barman & Baby-C Mesmerizing Night” will bring the audience a brand new sensational experience by combing streichorchester and live band, through video and audio narration. The first half will focus on the album “Sunset in the Alps”. Swiss trumpeter Yannick will show us the most amazing sunset of the world through his jazz music. In the second half, Rich Huang’s extreme percussion and strings collided with each other, bringing the audience a rhythm with vitality, and seeing the great work composed by Baby-C as endless waves at the same time. Enjoy this music concert will take you from the mountains to the sea, this will be an unique music feast.

In the lighting design concept for this performance, our focus will primarily be on lasers and imagery, aiming to create a fantastical sense of space. It’s akin to the feeling one experiences when slightly intoxicated, perceiving the beauty of the world around them while accompanied by beautiful music, immersing themselves in a hallucinatory world.

We will employ high-quality laser projection technology to project beams of light into the space, forming painterly lines and patterns, creating a captivating visual effect. These laser beams can change in response to the rhythm and emotions of the music, harmonizing with the musical performance.

Furthermore, we will project imagery onto the walls and ceilings of the venue, presenting visual materials relevant to the musical theme. These visuals could include natural landscapes, abstract art, or imagery related to the emotions conveyed by the music, offering the audience a deeper and more immersive experience.

The lighting design will utilize a rich palette of colors and light-shadow effects to enhance the emotional expression of the music. Warm tones and gentle lighting will create a cozy, dreamy atmosphere, harmonizing with the rhythm and emotions of the music.

Lastly, we will design interactive lighting and imagery effects to make the audience feel like they are a part of the music and lighting. Audience movements and reactions can trigger different visual effects, intensifying their sense of participation and engagement. This lighting design aims to seamlessly integrate with the musical performance, providing the audience with an immersive, fantastical experience, much like being immersed in a state of mild intoxication while enjoying wonderful music and a visual spectacle. We hope that the audience will be able to forget their worries and lose themselves in the magical world of music and lighting at this concert.

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