HOPE is a large-scale light and sound installation featuring hundreds of programmed LED tubes, along with speakers projecting local people’s experiences of the First World War.

The twenty-metre-long text sculpture cast synchronized luminous forms in the immediate surroundings while different voices evoke the stories of men and women during the conflict, creating an immersive emotional landscape. The artwork underlines the emotive power of words; personal letters, diaries and memoirs reveal the spontaneous overflow of intense and complex feelings about war: hope and horror, hatred and love, fear and shame.

HOPE reflects on the past – commemorating the sacrifice, courage and suffering of all those who lived through the First World War; it uncovers sensorial perceptions, embodying them in a different medium, to engage with the viewers and induce feelings of connective human experiences. The themes remain universal and timeless.

The installation has been commissioned by Durham County Council for marking 100 years since Armistice.