Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Turkey

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Turkey

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Bodrum, Turkey

Lighting Design:
ZKLD Studio, Turkey

Adilbey Holding

GAD Architects, Turkey

Interior Design:
GAD Architects, Turkey

Main Lighting Suppliers:
iGuzzini, Marset, Linealight, Osram, Arlight, Emfa

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Bodrum is a luxury, boutique beachfront hotel on the southwestern coast of Turkey. The hotel includes 76 suites and villas. Designed to blend into its natural surroundings, the property utilises modern elements to define Nikki Beach’s sleek look, with a nod to local aesthetics and materials.
The lighting design concept is shaped in accordance with Nikki Beach’s sleek look and makes you feel welcome from the main entrance/lobby through to guest villas. The rhythmic light beams on pathways create a dramatic atmosphere and guides people to hotspot areas. As the language of architecture obviously indicates organic forms, it provides us a tool to accentuate these forms. The forms especially used in hotspot areas such as the tent structure in sunset bar and curvilinear suspended ceiling in the lobby area, are transformed to lighting fixtures in order to light the space besides its sleek look.

The challenge of the project is to obtain comfortable illuminated spaces without using spotlights or visible lighting fixtures. The spaces are illuminated by concealed lighting fixtures. Therefore, the reflection of the material surfaces has been checked and calculated with lighting fixtures to see the light level result whether it satisfies the expectation or not. Especially, sunset bars, which are covered by spiral tent structures, have been illuminated with concealed curvilinear lighting fixtures besides raised floors, are highlighted by concealed lighting fixtures. Thus, guests can watch sunset view, sea and horizon under a comfortable lit space without having any shadows and glare problems.

On the other hand, the budget was another challenge and we were supposed to make value engineering in terms of lighting fixtures to realise the project according to client demands. In the beginning, the costs of all lighting fixtures were about three times more than the client’s desire. Without changing the lighting concept and keeping the quality maximum within given budget, we have chosen the best fixtures from the market and done some custom made solutions for specific areas.

Exterior lighting was very important due to the location of the hotel. Guests are spending most of their times in front of villas or sunset bars, lying on the bed and watching the incredible view. Therefore, in order to keep the light under control and create an anti-glare atmosphere, low-level lighting (bollard) is preferred along the pathway. In some crucial points such as pool bar, DJ bar and lobby entrance, RGB colour change LED fixtures have been used to attract the attention and also to provide a tool for the DJ to play with the light.