Landscape lighting takes protecting dark sky as the principle to express the ecology beauty. The lighting intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted to create night views of different seasons, which creates cozy and relaxing lighting environment. On the East-West axis, rich lighting layers are created by changes at lighting intensity and lighting methods. Visitors can feel the rhythm of landscape.

The main entrance is the first highlight: Property logo is lit by spotlights to create visual focus. Projectors installed in the trees to create moonlight effect and cast tree shadows on the road, creating a soft and quiet night view. Light fittings concealed under bench provide accent lighting and enrich the lighting layers. Glare-free bollards are installed at two sides of the road in a criss-cross pattern, providing general lighting to the path. The light poles are arranged at the one side of the main road to provide general lighting. The in-ground lights accent the tree on the other side of main road, which guide visitors to lobby and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Walking along the main road, lighting level gradually decreases, with only bollards providing general lighting, creating a quiet and soft night scene. With the help of the interior lighting through the glass, the linear light fittings and downlights installed under the canopy provide general lighting to lobby entrance canopy. The landscape lighting for the garden in front of the lobby entrance is in a low level: several trees in beautiful shapes are selected and lit by in-ground lights. Glare-control bollards provide general lighting to the paths and reduce light pollution. The rich texture and design details of the feature wall are highlighted with the in-ground lights softly up-washing.

Light poles provide general lighting to the east entrance. In-ground linear lights uplight the brick-red facade at low colour temperature, which creates a warm and soft lighting atmosphere at night.

With abundant lighting details and the contrast of light and shadow, the terraced fields design feature of courtyard is highlighted at night. A beautiful and peaceful night landscape painting is created with light. The interior light flows out and sprinkles into the courtyard, which becomes the main light source of the space. The linear light provides a warm glow to the steps; tree lighting and moonlight add accent light to night view and enrich the lighting layers; small-size projecting lights are installed to light the short bushes. With the help of lighting, a quiet and relaxing lighting atmosphere is created.

The riverfront road located in the north of the public area is the main path for public leisure. Light poles provide general lighting to riverfront road, and also illuminate nearby green plants and create clouds of glow on the side of the river bank. The paths on the north and south sides of the main building are lit by bollard with diffused 360° light distribution, which is also glare-controlled fittings. In addition, lights are installed under the bench, creating highlights for the quiet night paths.