We developed a custom-tailored solution with artistic lighting elements for the city of Brühl. Formerly perceived as an area of fear, the pedestrian underpass in Brühl-Mitte now shines in a new light, is bright, friendly, human-centered and playful. Our new lighting concept includes the following elements:

Dynamic ceiling light
The artificial light adjusts continuously throughout the day both from the brightness and from the colour temperature (cold white – warm white) to match the daylight, all in high quality light. This is done full automatically by an industrial controller system 365 days a year. Various sensors supply the necessary data

Changing ceiling light in the entrances and exits to the platforms indicate when somebody is approaching these areas that cannot be looked at. Additional colour changes on the side walls reinforce the signalling effect that draws attention to activities in the non-visible areas around the corner

Four metal decor panels reflect the diversity of the city of Brühl. They mirror movements of passers-by and the colour accents of our light composition. Thus new images are constantly created. Colour combinations stored in the control system provide a harmonious setting

Artistic lighting elements
Coloured light impulses flowing through a light band stand for the pulsating life in Brühl. The band interconnects the metal panels and blends into the east-west axis of the city. Colouring, speed, pattern and frequency change throughout the day directed by the natural light

Aktivraum philosophy
We dignify sites with tailor-made solutions. That means we approach places with awareness and respect and search for the hidden beauty that can be uncovered and perhaps even amplified. Ever place has its beauty and to reconnect the visitors to this, characterizes our work.

In short

A light band runs along the east-west axis. Coloured light impulses stand for the pulsating life in Brühl. Four metal decor panels reflect the diversity of the city. People and colours are reflected in them and constantly create new compositions. On the opposite side, spotlights set colour accents. These are controlled by the changing daylight and are in harmony with the colour combinations in the light band. Parts of the ceiling lights also appear in coloured light. In the entrances and exits, the light reacts to movement: The ceiling light turns white, the wall surfaces change colour. Even from a distance, they signal that people are approaching. Even if the areas themselves are not visible. In the central aisle, ceiling luminaires are lined up, controlled by daylight, clouds and the sun. Light in motion, sometimes soft, sometimes radiant, at times warm as the summer morning, at times glistening cool, yet always suitable for the surroundings.