The Moxy lighting feature was designed by our colleagues at Moment Factory. They turned to Digital Ambiance to implement the design for the custom 10-story lighting fixture that would hang throughout a central atrium.  The form of the sculptural luminaire is a series of rings with addressable LED pendants stretched between them.  The main challenge in such a build is to remain true to the designer’s original intentions while creating something that will withstand the environment in which it is to be installed and be robust enough to last for years.  For mechanical engineering, we partnered with Tesseract for fabrication of the steel rings and installing them in the lobby and central atrium.  We also partnered with Ferguson Welding Service for welding the rings.

This piece can be described as a volumetric lighting installation, using pixels suspended within a volume of space to create a “holographic” area in which to run animated lighting patterns.  Programming a system like this requires advanced software and lighting control techniques.  We worked with Moment Factory’s custom lighting control environment and provided them with the control systems needed to express their animations on the sculpture.