The Evolution Tower is a distinctive 55-story office building in Moscow with a height of 255 meters (837 feet) and an area of 169,000 square meters. It is, we believe, the largest and most efficient all-LED illuminated office building in Russia with an innovative media facade. It also features a control system of unparalleled sophistication.

The project included significant challenges, not least the combination of a square central concrete core with a non-uniform floor plate because of the spiral shape of the tower.

The challenge we set ourselves was to develop a creative interior lighting design with high visual comfort for employees while achieving an operational load of under 5W per square meter. As most rooms are neither rectangular nor square, and the inclination of the glass facade is different on each side of the building on each floor, the concept was for the use of discreet low-glare fittings carefully arranged to achieve the uniformity required by the client in the work areas. It was also important that the illumination from interior lights couldn’t be viewed directly from the outside. This allowed a clear view of the content on the dynamic media facade.

We developed what we consider the most sophisticated control system possible. The system is connected to a network of wireless window sensors which track how sunny or cloudy the day is, the shade from other buildings and sun reflection from the Moskva River and other building exteriors. It also takes information from thousands of occupancy and daylight sensors on all floors. The system then uses advanced algorithms to control the Dali-dimmable luminaires and the custom roller window blinds to maximize visual comfort and minimize energy use.

It features local and centralized control so the system can be overridden to suit individuals’ preferences.

The result is an extremely visually comfortable interior which delivers an operational load of just 4.8 W/sqm on an installed load of 12W/sqm, a remarkable 60 percent reduction.

The Evolution Tower is located in downtown Moscow in an area of high visual stimulation and a suitable environment for a dynamic exterior with engaging and harmonious content.

Because of the unique spiral shape and the extremely harsh climate in Moscow (which varies -40C  to 40C), it was not possible to use any equipment on the exterior of the façade. Instead, we designed a special fitting – which represents one pixel of the media facade – to be mounted on the interior window frame mounted flush to the glass.

It was carefully designed so that there is no spill light to the interior and only becomes visible only from the exterior. Cabling is hidden inside the railings of the shades so they also become invisible. Each fitting uses RGBW LED technology to allow infinite scenes. In total, there are 3,500 luminaires representing pixels. The lighting scenes can be programmed as dynamic to make an effet of the media facade if desired on special occasions.