The monument to the Madonna of the Immaculate Conception consists of an octagonal base, on which rests a square structure from whose sides emerge four figures of Prophets; on this base there is a column that supports the bronze statue of the Madonna herself on its capital.

The idea of the permanent luminance of the monument to the Madonna of the Immaculate Conception thus has, as a principle, the journey of the Being: from Human to Divine, from the EARTH to the SKY.

The definition of Immaculate Conception was enunciated by QUATTRO PROFETI, represented here by the four marble statues: DAVIDE – ISAIA – EZECHIELE – MOSE.

It is in the Old Testament that it is written that MARY is Immaculate from original sin from birth. In the LIGHTING, the four Prophets are distinguished through the LIGHT OF INTUITION, THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CONSCIENCE, through the “ORANGE” COLOUR … OF THE PROPHECY.

They rest on a SQUARE BASE, symbol of the EARTH Element, which in turn rests on the OCTAGONAL geometric shape, which represents the “NEW DAY” in which the Christian era begins. The Eighth announces the Resurrection of Christ, the OCTAGON brings with it the symbol of the INFINITE. In Genesis Seven are the days of Creation, the eighth is the day of ETERNITY represents the cosmic balance. This base has a LIGHT in Balance between Darkness and Brightness, starts from the Paving, tenuously HOT, DIFFUSED, CIRCULAR at 3000K, rises on the monument up to the marble COLUMN, up to rise in a LIGHT ALWAYS MORE WHITE at 4000K, reaching its capital.

A capital that supports the statue of the MADONNA of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION in ONE ALL LIGHT, symbolically from the four cardinal points. Five projectors with ONE INTENSITIVE LIGHT and WHITE at 5700K, reach it without leaving any SHADOW on you, immune from original sin, to represent an Image of Infinity: Mary is “The Illuminated”.

29 energy-saving LED luminaires with high technological quality have been installed, for a total consumption of only 1 KW. All the illuminated bodies were positioned in agreement with the Special Archaeological Superintendence, Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome, Prof. Francesco Prosperetti, within the perimeter formed by the bollards that are found around the Column, with recessed lighting bodies or projectors inserted in special built-in pits, in order to minimize the visual impact of these lighting bodies and in total respect of the monument. The floodlights that illuminate the Immaculate were positioned on the existing shelves of the surrounding buildings with special anti-glare screens.