Bluewaters is a vibrant lifestyle destination that combines architectural, entertainment and theatrical lighting applied to distinctive hospitality, retail, and residential environments.

The lighting design narrative creates different zones, aesthetics and feels within a unique island setting.  Bluewaters offers a total experience, whether relaxing in a stunning pool, wandering a beautifully lit landscape, or enjoying the hustle and bustle of the souk and promenade.

The lighting is used to unite connecting areas but also differentiate spaces across the island.  Each area has considered lighting for what the space offers, defining and blurring boundaries between.

Lower level resort-like features define the hotels; fun, dynamic and vibrant lighting was used for the Retail Wharf; and brighter, direct lighting was used to highlight key areas of focus such as the conference centre entrance for a red carpet feel for the guests.

The large canopy light structures have become an iconic symbol of the island, giving the retail area a pulse and vibrancy.  Through the use of gobos and sparkle points there is texture, light and shadow added to the walkways, enhancing the lit environment for guests and completely transforming the space from how it looks and feels during the day.

The dynamic façade lighting is linked to sound and AV allowing full integration for a more immersive guest environment, and providing seamless updates to cultural events or holidays like National Day.

Each building within wharf is lit in a unique way, combining several illumination techniques yet the overall area reads as one coherent space with the lit effects complementing each other.  Although the area looks vibrant and exciting, it was designed in balance with being as sustainable and low energy as possible.

The theatrical use of gobo lighting with a hint of colour softens the hardscape pedestrian links from the hotels, encouraging guests to walk and explore in what is usually a car-specific region.

The hotel resorts by contrast are lower level, warmer white lighting to create a welcoming aesthetic and offer respite from the busier retail spaces.

There is absolute control of all light sources, providing light for exactly where and when is required.

The residential spaces are lit with soft washes to the balcony soffits on the facades, creating a further distinction in defining a welcoming and homely space. A combination of western lighting principles with Arabic culture creates a vibrant environment that is warm, welcoming, dynamic, and exciting to experience.