Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá developed an office building whose aim was to fuse architectural language and structure. The proposal uses a structural system made of reinforced concrete in diagonal shape on its perimeter which allows to sustain the building and at the same time creates flexible open-plan office spaces in its inside. In this way, the perimetral construction system becomes the main feature of the building’s design itself giving a characteristic architectural expression to the facade. Initially, the structure was located outside the glass facade allowing to easily read the architectural peculiarity. But maintenance issues led to the modification of the proposal locating the structure inside the façade. This functional decision converted lighting to a decisive ally to reveal the sophisticated structure of the project.

The main challenges for the lighting project were to develop a luminaire system which 1st foregrounds the building structure in a uniform and continuous manner making it legible towards the outside, which 2nd has the perfect luminance intensity to neither over- nor underexpose the diamond grid versus its surrounding night-time sky and interior office lighting and 3rd would be easy to install and 4th engineered by a local luminaire company.

The terms of reference for the product development determined the following technical and design conditions:

• A solution that minimizes hotspots on the diagonal columns to achieve uniformity and continuity along the diamond grid.

• An optical system that allows the exclusive illumination of the diagonals, minimizing the illumination of ceiling areas that would adulterate the structure´s perception.

• A user-friendly, precise design with pre-set optics, ready to install and operate. By this, easy maintenance of the 523 luminaires and the preservation of the building´s image over time will be guaranteed as it completely eliminates the need to orientate the light distribution.

• An optimized luminous flux emitted by the fixture to generate an appropriate luminance level on the diamond grid in relation to the surrounding facades and the interior´s context.

To meet all the technical conditions mentioned above, a custom-made solution was designed: a linear recessed luminaire containing several 1W-LED-Points with different optics depending on their position and angulation. To perform all the situations in which the luminaire had to be installed it was necessary to build 2 types of the linear luminaire for recessed floor and ceiling installation: Type A with four 1W-LED-Points (392 pieces) and Type B with five 1W-LED-Points (131 pieces), each LED-Point with different orientation and light distribution.
Taking into account an overall harmonious expression of the façade special clauses on lighting was included in the rental contract obliging the tenants to respect a colour temperature of 3000K in all their office spaces and a minimum distance to be kept free of ceiling installations near the façade.

Finally, the focused light projected towards the ground from the outer columns of the second floor gives a termination to the grid and acts as a gesture of light to the public space.