Stump – Duncan Meerding

Stump – Duncan Meerding



Duncan Meerding

Duncan Meerding

Stump – Table/Stool/Light

Fibres are often interwoven to create timber. The final piece of a tree or a log is made up of lots of little fibres interwoven to create a whole. While a human can spend hours or days weaving fibres together in order to create a fabric or similar material, nature takes decades to weave together fibres into wood. With this in mind ‘Stump’ utilizes waste wood/logs that would have otherwise have been burnt or chipped. It takes what is often associated with waste, cracks, and makes it a feature of the design. Each light has been custom made, utilising a range of traditional and new making techniques, creating a very unique artistic light form each time.

This design can be used as a table, stool or to illuminate an area with shards of light. These shards come from utilising the directional properties of warm white LED strip lighting fitted into the lamp in a custom fixture, pushed through the cracks in differing patterns.

The dispersion of light through and around objects with a concentration on over all form rather than intense detailing encapsulates the alternative sensory world in which I design – being partially blind, with vision concentrated around the periphery.

A lot of my design process is informed by making or experimenting with the actual material. Sustainability is a key facet of my design philosophy, represented by most of my work. This would especially be the case for ‘Stump’, as it utilises waste wood and creates vessels for light, bringing the outside in, reminding us of our intrinsic connection with nature. A different light pattern is cast by each lamp due to each ‘Stump’ being handmade and unique. Stumps measure in at approximately 400 mm high and 300 mm wide. As each item is unique and made from salvaged timber the diameter of each lamp shall vary.

The Stump Light has been designed to be able to be installed in an outdoor environment. This means we try to make them from Macrocarpa and other rot resistant timbers, with outdoor/marine rated glues and finishes, to increase the longevity of the piece. The central light core has been tested by a third party to IP65 ISO conditions and has a key hole styled stainless steel bracket, if the user wants to hold down the Stump. This adds extra stability when or if wanting to use as a table or stool.

Stump is ready to be wired to 12 Volt DC power supplies for inside/outside use. Installation by licensed electrician required when hardwiring. Current draw 700mA, voltage 12v DC

Colour Temp:3000k. Each stump can come with a driver for indoor use only ready to plug into the wall.