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Vestel LED Lighting:
An emerging new Company in the world of lighting, multi industry giant Vestel has made quick progress in the EMEA region, drawing on its vast business acumen to tap into the commercial needs of brand and architectural partners as well as those of retail chains, councils and industrial sites. Drawing on years’ worth of LED expertise and manufacturing experience, Vestel has won numerous globally acclaimed tenders with its leading-edge lighting solutions for indoor as well as outdoor lighting solutions.

Understanding that every detail, every nuance in design can impact the overall environment, Vestel offers greater collaborative freedom, working with clients to realize their vision and ambition.

A world-leading manufacturer in the fields of consumer electronics, household appliances, professional displays and LED Lighting, Vestel offers unrivalled technological expertise, creating cutting-edge B2B and B2C product solutions for 140 countries across the globe. The largest TV producer in Europe and the third largest in the world, Vestel has become the undisputed authority on the design and manufacture of brown goods and is gaining increasing recognition for its rapidly expanding MDA and smartphone offering.