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The Lighting Practice delivers thoughtful and imaginative designs that balance aesthetics, budget sustainability and operational considerations. We transform ordinary spaces into places that are extraordinary, captivating, and memorable.

The Lighting Practice strives to create distinctive lighting solutions that respond to our clients’ specific needs and business goals. Our team of creative design professionals asks thoughtful questions and actively listens to the answers so that we fully understand what is most important to you. We develop lighting concepts based on this understanding and offer you options that provide the greatest impact for your lighting investment.

We are committed to sustainable design. Because of this commitment, we were selected in 2008 by the US House of Representatives to relight the US Capitol Dome as a model of energy efficiency and sustainability. In all of our projects, we pursue the “triple bottom line” by designing lighting to create places that support and delight people. We use natural resources efficiently and select methods that are cost effective. By using light where and when needed, avoiding over-lighting, and taking full advantage of daylight and lighting controls, our lighting designs deliver maximum effect with minimum environmental impact.