Studio d’Armes Inc.

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Hartau Triple

RA Wall

D’Armes designs, manufactures & markets unprecedented, high-quality light fixtures.

Born in 2016 following the union of Alexandre Joncas and Gildas Le Bars, Studio d’Armes offers high-end vision without compromising on design. Their creations reflect the fascination of their designer for light and its effects on humans.

“Light in a space is like a shoe that pulls together an outfit”
Alexandre Joncas, designer.

D’Armes’s lighting design is the result of an artistic approach, technological mastery and societal implication. The studio works with the light as much as with the object itself. Clear and pure lines and natural stone or bronze accents create exceptional objects, with powerful and timeless design. The quality and texture of the light demonstrate the care given to the choice of technologies and to the assembly process.