Studio 29 Lighting

Regent St Masterplan, London

Belmond Grand Hibernian Train, Ireland

Mercer St Walkway Lighting Installation, London

What transforms historical buildings and streets back into their full glory?

What brings to life forgotten or hidden gems of urban architecture?
What changes dark alleyways into lively hotspots?
What makes people feel well? Happier? Safer? Comfortable? Surprised?
What guides visitors into a compelling and enriched journey?
What enables new buildings to become multi faceted?
What creates an outstanding and long lasting impression when entering an atrium?
What sets an intimate mood in a bar, restaurant, or in a shop?
What generates better customer engagement?
What makes office workers more productive?
What helps a recovery in hospital?
What turns a house into a home?

There is only one answer to all these questions: light.

Or to be more precise, the language of light. Like every spoken or written language, light is a system of communication, resulting in a full spectrum of emotions. The language of light is a universal language, understood across the world, going beyond cultures and latitudes. It’s also an unlimited concept that could be tailored for all needs and behaviours.

At studio 29, we master the language of light: its structure, composition, silences, accents and expressions.

Our knowledge, experience, expertise, awareness and sensitivity allow us to articulate and deliver outstanding lighting solutions for all spaces, public & private, by day or by night.
Like beautiful sentences, our designs illuminate spaces and human experiences.

We are lighting designers: at the same time poets, artists, story tellers, copywriters, translators, technicians and engineers of the language of light, constantly adapting to an ever evolving complex technology and delivering timeless lighting schemes. In the same way there are no ideas without words, there are no designs or spaces without light.

Studio 29. The language of light.