Romano Baratta Lighting Studio, Italy

Penthouse Garden, Milan.

False Sunset, Italy

Luminous Climate and Anthro-psychology Light, Superstudio13, Design Week 2013, Milan.

Studio of Light Art & Lighting Design.
Uncoventional Conception of the Light and of the Lighting Experience.

Romano Baratta has been selected or awarded in international competitions and exhibitions, including La Biennale di Venezia, Codega Award , Luminale , Contemporary Lighting Context.

Core Skills
• Light Art Installation
• Architectural & Landscape Lighting Design
• Daylight Project & Researches
• Lighting Masterplan
• Lighting Storytelling
• Lighting Experience
• Lighting Marketing
• Lighting Branding Strategy
• Lighting Social Strategy
• Identity Lighting
• Exhibition Stands
• Direction Light Festival